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Bloomfield Hills Lacrosse Club

The Bloomfield Hills Lacrosse Club is for boy's grade 5th - 8th in the Bloomfield Hills School District .   If enough interest and registrations to form a 3/4 team occur it will be added.  The Club objectives are to provide an instructional, positive and competitive experience for youth lacrosse players at all levels and skill. Players will learn the skills and rules of the game to compete at their current age level, and for an active high school career.

The Club goal is to provide the experienced player with continued skill development.  We emphasize for the new lacrosse player the initial skills of cradling, throwing, catching and ground balls to allow them to move into team drills as quickly as possible. 

Consistent with the BH School District we support and encourage the multi-sport athlete throughout his career in lacrosse.  Many of our club players participate in other sports during the spring including hockey, baseball, and soccer to name a few.  We will work with players and parents to meet multiple schedule requirements.

Bloomfield Hills Lacrosse Club Membership

2022 membership is $200 and provides Spring League play, and at least once per month practice sessions in the summer, fall and winter.  All tournament and indoor practice facility costs are additional.

Spring season
Players will practice multiple times within a week and be taught the various skill sets listed below by age.  (We accept / encourage new players at any age bracket through the entire year.) 
The se
ason is early April thru the end of May / first week of June.

  • Two teams – 5/6 & 7/8 with 15 players registered.  (We must have at least 12 per game.)
  • Suburban Lacrosse League – 10+ games
  • Practices begin week of April 4th.  Games begin week April 18th to week of May 30th
  • Plan on 3 practice per week or 2 games and 1 practice per week.
  •  Two tournaments – May 21st and June 4th (tentative).  League Tournament is $25.  June 4th tournament TBD.

What is typically covered by the Membership?

Team Expenses
  • Coaches
  • Referees
  • Field Rentals
  • Officials Game Equipment – timer, score counter, table/chairs, horn

Club expenses
  • Web site & TeamSnap
  • Balls (lots), goal nets, cones, field lining and prep
  • Coaches and player apparel.

Required player equipment includes the following. 
Player equipment can be loaned (if available) for 2-3 weeks that your son is trying lacrosse.)

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder and chest pads (new chest pads are required in 2022)
  • Gloves and arm pads
  •  Mouthpiece

Equipment can be purchased at Stinson Mellor or other retailer.

Equipment Rental
$100 per season ($300 new at retail). BH Club Buy Back Option – if you buy it and your player decides not to play before the season 75% refund.  If your player decides not to play after the season 50% refund.  Any used youth equipment refund is up to 25% retail based on age and wear.


We encourage parents to be involved. Parents are needed to assist the team coach.  We need a Team Manager – organizes and informed all within their team various items; game schedule, etc.

Bloomfield Hills Lacrosse Club follow the USA lacrosse and NHFS lacrosse age appropriate guidelines for coaching mental and physical skill development.

Overall Coaching Objectives
As a coach, you determine the kind of experience an athlete will have with lacrosse. The Clubs objective for each coach within the program will be:

1Teach the rules of the game and respect for officials, teammates, and coaching staff

2. Teach the lifelong lessons of: discipline, hard work, being a teammate, respect for the game and those associated with the game / culture, effort and giving your best, moving forward from an error – learning from this error but not dwelling on it, being on time and the commitment you the coach have made relative to the team (player should make the same type of commitment – on time ready to play).

3. Teaching the skills necessary to win; NOT win at any cost

4. Focus on positive reinforcement and NOT focusing on the negative

Learning Objectives
5/6 Grade Program (U13)

As new players are still being introduced to the sport, efforts are made, and evaluations are done to determine what basic skills are needed both individually and as an overall team. There can be cases where some of the U11 objectives and goals will have to be implemented into the early stages of the program.

Advanced lacrosse skills are taught to include sportsmanship and team play. Line drills, stick handling, checking, advanced clearing drills and scooping skills are taught and reviewed. Advance moves such as dodging, faking, checking, advanced ball handling (catching on the run, over the head, etc.), scooping the ball at full speed, protecting and carrying the ball, man downplays and set defensive and offensive plays are reviewed and practiced.

Players are encouraged to be able to think for themselves and to improvise. To be able to look up the field to see where teammate are positioned, which ones are free, where the field is collapsing and where is the best shooting angle against the defensive positions. How to read the other teams defense to know how to adjust our game for there playing style. The program will make an effort to roster two goalies at this age which will be rotated at half during games.

Long Stick Policy: A player at this level can choose up to a 60-62” (inch) long shaft (standard defenseman shaft length) If he is able to confidently catch and throw 15 yards with both dominant and non-dominant hands as well as cradle with both hands around the entire field without dropping the ball


  • Initially, the player should be able to complete all the objectives listed in the U11 program.
  • Player should be able to cradle the ball while running and dodging opponents around the box without dropping the ball.
  • Player should be able to throw and catch the ball between 2 players running down the field.
  • Know how to execute the man-ball exercise for ground balls.
  • Know how to execute long passes and clearing passes with either hand.
  • Able and confidant to shoot the ball on goal with either hand.
  • Defense
  • Both man to man and zone defensive positioning are known.
  • Lift and slap checks in the proper area are known skills.
  • Proper communication of the ball carrier and the potential “threat” are well established. Who is ‘HOT’ and whom is one?
  • Competent in the basic clear to the wings after shot on goal in addition to one more advanced clear.
  • On and off ball ‘sliding’ are established skills
  • Offense
  • Attackmen and middies are capable of shooting on the run with either hand.
  • Understand ‘time and room’ shooting
  • Understand and have implemented ‘picks’ within the offense, i.e. the 2 man game.
  • Understanding of plays / dodging from ‘X’.
  • Implement and understand 2-3-1.

7/8 Grade Program (U15)

Players will be prepared to play lacrosse at the high school level. Each player will take his lacrosse skills up another notch. Players will now have defined roles and primarily focusing on their specific skill set; middie, attack, or defense.  All lacrosse skills are performed quicker and clearer with advanced plays utilizing the ‘X’ player, screens and cutters. Set defensive and offensive plays (scoring plays) are reviewed and practiced.

7/8 Grade – PLAYER OBJECTIVES (U15) –

  •  Specific face off skills – drills are routinely completed 2-3 per week:
  •  Basic clamp
  •  Able to pull ball forward, to the side, and to the rear
  • Specific shooting skills:
  • overhand shooting – should be able to shoot far or near side
  • Low to High – should be able to complete this successfully with dominant hand
  • On ball and off ball movement is taught and incorporated in practice and used in game play. Defense is styled with the “Hot” I am “ONE” (the next potential threat) and I am “TWO”. Slides are widely used, and proper terminology and strong communication is used and understood. Offense will use “shallow cut” “pick and roll” “V-cut” “cut thru” to move the ball and create opportunities to score. Ball movement will be key: 3-5 seconds of a player handling the ball and then a pass. There will be emphasis on ‘drawing pressure’ from the defense.


Bloomfield Hills Lacrosse Club
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